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I am a technology enthusiast, life time learner, and a team player. As part of my job, I recently became interested in the field of AI. The ability to use existing data, or machine generated data to predict outcomes is fascinating to me. I didn't start here, I did everything from tech support, programming, networking, and now sales engineering. Looking forward to learning more, and trying different roles in the future.


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Azure Synapse and Dynamics 365 CDM Data – An Overview

Microsoft is leveraging Azure to enable extensibility across Dynamic 365 and Power apps by making data easily accessible to clients via the export to Azure Data Lake feature. Before that could happen, Microsoft needed to collaborate with other industry heavyweights to create a data format standard named Common Data Model (CDM) which is the format […]

Read Replica

Connect to Azure SQL Database Read Only Replica from SSMS

This is a quick blog post that shows how to connect to a read scale out replica in Azure SQL database business critical tier. When you create the database in the Azure portal enable Read scale out. You can change this setting in the configure blade as needed. If you don’t have access to the […]

Data Driven Decision Making to Fight Covid19 Pandemic

White house, CDC, FEMA, and state and local officials are referencing data in their daily briefings

Azure SQL Managed Instance YAQS

Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that lives in Vnet, inside a subnet and is assigned IP addresses from the private IP address space.

Power Bi Embedded with PHP CURL- App Owns Data

Power BI Embedded will enable you to embed powerful Dashboards, Reports, and Tiles into your application. An ISV can leverage the continuous development efforts from the Microsoft Power Bi team and embed several types of reports for their users and customers, while branding the application with their Logo and color scheme. Before you get started, […]

Remember that failure is an event, not a person

I have been through a fair share of failures in my life, which correlates to the amount of success I have achieved so far. It is proven that the more you fail, as long as it’s not accepted as such, the more you will eventually succeed and grow. I have experienced losing in a variety […]

EC2 AWS Community AMI Security

In the wake of yesterday’s ransomware incident, Information security is in the lime light, and before I connected to the internet today, I clicked restart on the annoying windows updates message, instead of postponing it another 4 hours. Computer is up to date with all security fixes and anti-virus definition files have been updated. I […]

Reset Password of Bitnami WordPress Installation

I forget my password regularly, and I don’t have e-mail setup on my WordPress site; therefore, clicking on the forget password link doesn’t do me any good. This article will serve as a step by step process I can use in the future in case this happens again, and it can save you time as […]

Design VPC CIDR Block For No Conflict

Today is Saturday, and I am out for an early breakfast at Panera, as usual, and I have my laptop with me to work on some AWS stuff. My plan is to finish setting up installing Laravel PHP framework as part of a tutorial I am following for storing laravel sessions on DynamoDB. Since my […]

AWS CloudFormation and PHP SDK

Recently, I have gotten involved in a project where, among other things, we needed to create EC2 instances from a web application. We are using CloudFormation templates to create VPC with public and private subnets, Internet gateway, Security Groups, NACLs, etc. We have decided to have separate stacks for network infrastructure, servers, ELB and auto-scalers, […]